Teradata Business Application Consultant in Shanghai, China

The Business Application Consultant will support sales motions and provide business consulting for Teradata applications, Aster Data applications, custom applications, and ISV applications. The application may be an existing Teradata application such as Customer Interaction Manager, Marketing Studio, Digital Messaging, Demand Chain Management, or a Teradata custom developed application such as a web dashboard, an Aster Data Application, Hadoop Application, or an ISV application. The Business Application Consultant will work closely with other professional services consultants, professional services management, and sales to insure that the client’s requirements for their application are properly specified, documented, and followed. The consultant will be responsible for the application testing, training, and mentoring as well as providing best practice and thought leadership to clients with regard to the application business domain. The Business Application Consultant may be the Project Tech Lead on a project.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Support sales motions, demonstrations, and scoping of Teradata application offers.

  • Gather and document client requirements and develop the application solution design.

  • Provide the application solution configuration required to order the solution e.g. application software licenses required, application servers required, list pricing, etc.

  • Provide best practice guidance and mentoring to clients using the Teradata application.

  • Facilitate application test specification and testing.


  • In depth knowledge of the Teradata application and the application business value.

  • In depth understanding of the application business domain (e.g. CRM process, supply chain).

  • Knowledge of Architecture Principles, Advocated Positions, Design Patterns, and Implementation Alternatives.

  • Understanding of the Teradata Reference Information Architecture

  • Industry experience from one or more supported industries.

  • Strong client interaction, communication, and consulting skills.


  • 本科及以上学历,计算机、信息管理或相关专业;

  • 五年以上银行关键系统的实施经验,如核心/信贷等;

  • 熟悉商业银行的业务知识、商业银行的分析型应用(比如绩效考核、风险管理、CRM、财务管理等),有风险或财务背景的人员优先考虑;

  • 具备应用数据集市的设计、开发经验。对数据库和数据仓库概念有深入理解,能够熟练进行数据模型的设计、SQL的开发,有Teradata平台经验者优先考虑;

  • 具有一定的项目管理能力和售前经验;