Teradata Professional Services Business Analyst in San Francisco, California

The cornerstone to effective market engagement and competitiveness is understanding the needs of the customer, in listening to their challenges and in seeing creative and compelling ways to solve those challenges. The Business Analyst is the lynchpin of that engagement, making sure every nuance of a business challenge is tracked, all ideas and inputs are aligned and all a company’s abilities are focused at a single objective – exciting the customer.

We are searching for entry level business analysts with the passion, creativity and work ethic to become and integral part of an increasingly dynamic market facing team. An ability to gather critical company and market data, do research, calibrate team input, map these against customer and prospect information and create simple and compelling information and collateral (Microsoft, Mac, HTML5) is critical to the role. Entrepreneurial and self-starting, ambitious but with the interpersonal skills, work ethic and passion to prove that ambition are musts for this role.

Despite an entry level role, winning candidates will show an unwavering ability to take charge of understanding complex business problems, decomposing them into understandable and compelling information and become an integral part of our go to market team quickly. An ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and an ability to operate successfully in a dynamic, results oriented culture are must haves.

Specific Skills Required

  • Multi-input information gathering and analysis and detailed analytical skills

  • Creation of compelling and simple to understand collateral and documentation – primarily PowerPoint

  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

  • Creative ability to represent data and information in compelling, simple and exciting ways.

  • An ability to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve monitoring, discover issues and deliver better value to the customer

  • Getting and staying up to date around market trends, competitive topography, interesting things that are happening in your target market.

    Expected Output from this Role

  • Input and author sales decks, sales messaging and collateral

  • Research and competitive analysis

  • Human factors and ergonomic input into dashboard design

    Additional Valuable Skills Considered

  • Data analytics and visualization

  • Web site design and HTML 5

  • Apple APP development


  • Passion, social and team skills, energetic and visual acuity are key qualifications.

  • A degree would be helpful as well, preferably in marketing, economics or social science.

  • High school success followed by proven entrepreneurial endeavor would also be considered.