Teradata Project Manager in Osaka, Japan

POSITION: Project Manager


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Companies can leverage this integrated view to identify opportunities to increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve relationships. At the same time, Teradata solutions are more cost efficient, simpler to manage and capable of growing with the needs of the business.

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Teradata Professional Services Job Description

Project Manager:

The Project Manager is responsible for planning, scheduling, monitoring, and directing Teradata data warehouse projects or to implement a solution meeting agreed client requirements and expected Teradata business results. The Project Manager may lead a single project or oversee multiple smaller sub-projects. The Project Manager manages Teradata employees and third party contractors to ensure projects meet established time, cost, technical, and quality objectives. The Project Manager supports projects beginning in the pre-contract sales process and will manage them through closeout.

Key Areas of Responsibilities:

Sales Support & Business Development

  • Lead the scoping, planning, cost estimating, and pricing of consulting projects. Responsible for statement of work development and risk assessment, including but not limited to defining goals and objectives, identifying and documenting client requirements, resource requirements, project budget, project risks, and the translation of the client’s business requirements into specific deliverables.

  • During the engagement, identify future sales opportunities, participate in pre-sales planning, project pricing, bid review, and presentation of sales proposals. Acquire incremental business within the project through change control.

Project Oversight:

  • Lead a data warehouse (or other Teradata solution) implementation project or a collection of multiple small projects.

  • Ensure projects are completed on-time, within budget, and within client expectations for quality and functionality.

  • Manage client acceptance of the solution and manage client expectations in line with the agreed statement of work.

  • Manage day-to-day relationship with client stakeholders and resolution of all issues.

  • Maintain and communicate project status to all stakeholders in reports and status meetings.

Resource Management:

  • Build a project team, including Teradata employees, offshore resources, and contractors.

  • Ensure proper set up of the engagement in the time keeping system, ensuring consultants and contractors are always current with their reported time.

  • Ensure timely collection of revenue, and manage procurement and payment to contractors.

Knowledge Capture & Reuse

  • Lead project/engagement close-out debriefings to identify lessons learned and best practices

  • Contribute to the Teradata Body Of Knowledge



  • Business Needs Analysis — Ability to define the client’s requirements within the context of their business. Ability to assess the opportunities, benefits, risks, and success factors of a potential solution.

  • Requirements Analysis and Management — Ability to systematically identify, document, and manage project requirements. Tracing the requirements from source through implementation and verification and controlling all requirements and scope change.

  • Procurement/Supplier Management — Estimate, plan, and manage the work of subcontractors and other external project resources. Develop and manage subcontracting agreements.

  • System/Technology Integration — Ability to identify and bring together a variety of technologies to deliver a complete information system that supports operational and management objectives.

  • Project Planning and Organizing — Define project scope, estimate time, cost, and resource requirements. Assess project risk, develop risk mitigation strategies, and support the sales team to develop contracts and project pricing.

  • Managing Project Implementation — Manage all aspect of post-sale implementation of a project.

  • Testing a Data Warehouse — Ability to prepare for, administer, and validate the results of unit, vendor, component integration, system acceptance, deployment readiness, and user acceptance testing to ensure conformance to business, functional, and quality requirements.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Consulting Competency:

  • Coaching — Provide timely guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge and skill areas needed to accomplish a task or solve a problem.

  • Decision-Making — Ability to use logical sound judgment and experience to determine the appropriate course of action based on scenario, procedures, and guidelines for a given situation.

  • Problem-Solving — Gather and use information needed to develop effective solutions to difficult problems or situations.

  • Facilitation and Meeting Management — Guide the activities of an individual, group, or team toward a desired result or outcome. Drive consensus and team ownership of decisions.

  • Influencing Others — Ability to assert ideas and persuade others to commit to action.

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation — Ability to come to sound agreements with counterparts in business or organizational situations where there is disagreement or differences in interest.

  • Communications — Communicates effectively at all levels, with Teradata and client personnel internal and external to the project team. Communicates project status and issues effectively.

Technical Skill Category

Skill Mapping

Project Mgmt: Foundation Skills

Primary Skill


Primary Skill

Industry Knowledge


Tools – Business Intelligence


Tools – Development


Tools – ETL


Tools – Modeling


Tools – Testing



Do you have amazing project management skills such as:

Possesses a knowledge base of each client's business, organization and objectives

Success at managing programs and projects of appropriate scale (10 resources).

Extensive experience leading, coordinating, and organizing remote teams in a collaborative environment.

Basic understanding of Big Data technologies, the Hadoop ecosystem and their applications to our clients.

Ability to travel up to 25%

Japanese & English language skills required

ポジション: プロジェクト・マネージャ




Sales Support & Business Development

  • 要件定義、スケジュール、コスト見積、価格に関してプロジェクトをリードする。ゴール設定だけに限らず、顧客要求、リソース要求、予算、リスクを明文化し、顧客のビジネス要求を個々の成果物に落とし込むことにより、SOWに責任を持つ。

  • 時に、Pre-Salesの段階から、スケジュール、価格、Bid Reviewの決定に参画し、Salesの提案活動をサポートする。変更管理をきちんと行うことにより継続的なビジネスを勝ち取る。

Project Oversight:

  • DWH(もしくは他のTeraedataソリューション)導入プロジェクトをリードし、あるいは複数の小規模プロジェクトを統括する

  • プロジェクトの状況について、スケジュールが守られ、予算の範囲内で、また品質や機能の面で顧客の期待に応えている事に責任を持つ

  • SOWによって、提供するソリューションに対する顧客の同意を得、また顧客の要求をマネジメントする

  • 顧客と密な関係を形成し、すべての問題に対処する

  • レポートや進捗ミーティングを使って、すべての関係者にプロジェクトの状況を共有する

Resource Management:

  • 社内リソース、オフショアメンバー、協力会社の方々を含めたメンバーでプロジェクトチームを構築する

  • 社内リソース、コンサルタントや協力会社の時間管理を行う

  • タイムリーにRevenueの見直しを行い、協力会社への支払を行う

Knowledge Capture & Reuse

プロジェクトのクローズを確実に行いlessons learnedやbest practiceを明確にする



  • プロジェクトマネジメント経験

  • オープン系システム開発経験

  • RDB設計、またはDWH構築経験 (例:ORACLE MASTERなど)

  • Unix、SQL等の基礎知識

  • PMBOKに基づくPM関連知識(PMP資格があれば尚可)

  • ビジネスニーズ分析力

  • 要求分析力及び要求マネジメント力

  • 購買とサプライヤマネジメント力

  • システム/テクノロジーインテグレーション

  • プロジェクトプランニング及びオーガニゼーション

  • プロジェクト遂行力

  • DWHのテスト力


  • コーチング

  • 決定力

  • 問題解決力

  • ファリシテーション及びミーティングマネジメント

  • 他への影響力

  • 折衝・交渉力

  • コミュニケーション力


  • 語学力(英語) TOEIC 700点以上

  • (海外で実施される技術研修に参加していただく可能性があります)

  • 日本在住、日本語はビジネスレベルに不自由がないこと

  • 最終学歴:大学/大学院卒または同等以上

応募方法: 応募ポジションを明記の上、履歴書および職務経歴書(和文・英文)をお送りください。