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Milan, Italy

Teradata empowers companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes through analytics. With a powerful combination of Industry expertise and leading hybrid cloud technologies for data warehousing and big data analytics, Teradata unleashes the potential of great companies. Partnering with top companies around the world, Teradata helps improve customer experience, mitigate risk, drive product innovation, achieve operational excellence, transform finance, and optimize assets. Teradata is recognized by media and industry analysts as a future-focused company for its technological excellence, sustainability, ethics, and business value.

The Teradata culture isn’t just about one kind of person. So many individuals make up who we are, making us that much more unique. It’s what sets apart the dynamic, diverse and collaborative environment that is Teradata. But even as individuals, there’s one thing that we all share —our united goal of making Teradata and our people the best we can be.

Consulting Graduate Programme 2018

Launch your career at the original big data company!

At Teradata we believe Data and Analytics can unleash the potential of great companies. Our success is rooted in our proven capabilities that span technology, people, and methodologies. We understand the business challenges our global customers face and know the power analytics can offer in solving those challenges.The world’s leading businesses have trusted Teradata for decades as key to their competitive edge. Why? Because we provide them with the agility to adapt and move with confidence – just like we do. Global giants such as Apple, AT&T, Barclays, British Airways, Coca Cola, Coop, Danske Bank, DHL, eBay, Hertz, Lloyds Banking Group, Maersk, O2, P&G, Roche, Sainsburys, Siemens, Ticketmaster, Vodafone, Volvo and Wells Fargo all use Teradata’s analytical expertise to deliver high-impact business outcomes.We are more than 10,000 passionate professionals in more than 42 countries with customers in 75+ countries, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Think Big Analytics ConsultingThink Big Analytics is our global business analytics consultancy, providing expert advisory and implementation services for companies who want to achieve high-impact business outcomes. As the first and only pure-play big data services firm, our Architects, Data Scientists, Business Consultants, Data Engineers and Delivery Consultants are trusted advisors to the world's most innovative companies.

The Graduate ProgrammeThe Think Big Analytics Graduate Programme offers varied and challenging opportunities with a broad range of specialism’s. Combining this with the ability to experience working with customers across all industry sectors, graduates will be learning from some of the most talented and innovative Consultants in the Data and Analytics space.

The Graduate Programme enables individuals to experience, learn and ultimately align to open roles in the following practice areas

•Data Science

o The Data Science Practice focuses on solving business problems. Through predictive analytics and building technology-agnostic accelerators, the team deliver maximum client impact with minimum production uplift. The data science common denominator is the practice-specific scrum team. Led by each country’s respective Principal Data Scientist, these teams encourage self-accountability, promote collaboration within the data scientist community, and provide a common heartbeat to the workflow cadence across the entire region. GitHub, JIRA, and Slack are essential tools used for immediate access to both domain knowledge and subject matter experts within the global practice, while biannual technical schools offer equal opportunities for hands-on mentorship and community-led technical upskilling.

o As a Junior Data Scientist, you will be responsible for analysis, implementation and support of large scale data and analytics solutions for our customers. You will work in a team whose data science efforts range from exploration and investigation, to design and development of analytic systems. Your technical leadership is extracting meaning from large scale, unstructured data and is coupled to your ability to work with engineering teams to integrate with underlying systems to deliver Big Data solutions.

•Software Engineering

o The Software Development Practice is at the heart of delivering innovative Analytic Applications for our customers. Often working closely with members of the other practices, our Software Developers understand how to make the Analytical Engine shine in Production, from designing Recommendation Systems, like the ones used by Netflix, to systems that help enable self-driving cars.

o As a Junior Software Developer, you will develop your full-stack engineering skills by coding in such languages as Scala, Java, Python and Bash while helping deliver next-generation frameworks and solutions. You’ll also learn how DevOps and Automation Engineering techniques help turn the code you write into Enterprise-grade solutions for our customers.

•Data Foundation

o The Data Foundation Practice is responsible for designing and implementing analytic ecosystems that support discrete business outcomes. Through this Practice, we tackle our Customers’ most complex data and platform related issues. We help them devise the most effective data foundation from initial data acquisition, to quality assurance and testing of their entire platform. The Practice is divided into 4 sub- practices: data acquisition & integration, data design & access, platform development, and testing & quality assurance. The practice is also responsible for all aspects of innovation, delivery effectiveness, talent acquisition & development.o As a Junior Data Foundation Engineer you will form part of an enthusiastic team that define, acquire, design and deliver data ready for business users to make informed decisions and analytics. Our Customers are not the same, but the challenges we help to solve have a commonality that supports innovation, timely solutions and expedited professional development.

•Industry Consultancy – Business Analyst

o The Industry Consulting Practice is critical in delivering high impact business outcomes which underpins our corporate goal. The role of the Business Analyst is a conduit between business and IT arenas, making sure both are represented at crucial points during a project’s lifecycle.o As a Junior Business Analyst, you will be responsible for engaging with business stakeholders, identifying their needs and translating them into technical requirements. You will be actively involved on customer sites, working with the customer, account and delivery teams on a day to day basis to ensure the design and build of our solutions create business value through solving client commercial challenges.

•Business Intelligence and Cognitive Design

o The Business Intelligence and Cognitive Design Practice brings together visual designers, data visualisation experts and developers to design and create applications that connect our customers with their data and technology systems. with the team employs user research techniques, interactive prototypes (Sketch, XD, Invision, Zeppelin), data visualisation tools (D3, Tableau) and frontend technologies (React, Angular) to craft experiences and tell stories.o As a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant, you will be part of a team that explores and understands real world challenges before designing the interfaces, visualisations and applications to solve those challenges. You will learn to facilitate immersive innovation workshops, create engaging visual designs, develop intuitive applications and tell compelling stories.

Why work for TeradataFast-paced, flexible, fun. That describes our work environment at Teradata, a place to brainstorm with the best data minds, engage customers and surprise yourself with what's possible every day. We hire talented individuals from all backgrounds to build our talent pipeline of bright and passionate people with the potential to share in our success.

What we are looking forThink Big Analytics is looking for talented individuals from all backgrounds who have an open and collaborative mind-set, can-do attitude, great problem-solving capabilities, are a team player and strong communicator. The desire to learn and be self-driven combined with adaptability and agility are essential. Being able to show natural interest and enthusiasm for Data and Analytics alongside an ability to be innovative and creative are key attributes that we look for.This programme is open to students currently pursuing Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, or related technical disciplines.

Having experience of one or more of the following would be beneficial but is not required:

• Programming background: C/C++, Java and SQL, HTML, JS, CSS, Angular, React• Relational database concepts, data structures and database internals such as file systems & query optimization.• Operating systems: Windows, UNIX and Linux (kernel, memory management, TCP/IP).• Scripting experience: Python, R, Scala, Shell, Bash, etc.• Hadoop and Map Reduce• Cloud (AWS/Azure/Google) and DevOps• Creative, Visual & User Experience Design background

Deadline for submitting your application is May 31, 2018.