Teradata Data Science Practice –Practice Leader in London, United Kingdom

Teradata’s Think Big Analytics consulting business is organised around a number of practices. The mission of the Data Science practice is to leverage data and analytics to solve high-value business problems for our customers, generating high-margin Services revenue for Teradata whilst also helping to generate additional services and technology solutions revenue pull-through.

The Global Data Science Practice Leadership team consists of the International Practice Leader and their peers in Teradata’s Americas and Global Delivery Center organisations. Collectively, this leadership team is responsible for developing and executing Teradata’s strategy for the sale, delivery and continuous improvement of data science services across the globe.

The Data Science Practice is front-and-center in demonstrating to Teradata’s customers and the wider market that there is more to Teradata’s solutions and services than reporting and BI at scale on large volumes of structured relational data – and the International Data Science Practice Lead is thus a critical leadership position, responsible for driving the development of Teradata’s analytics consulting business throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, the International Practice leader will be responsible for innovation, delivery effectiveness and overall performance of the Practice across the International region – and for talent acquisition and development of a circa 100-strong (and growing) team of Data Scientists.

The International Data Science Practice Lead is the critical link between the Geo Data Science Practice Leads, the Americas Data Science Practice Lead and the Global Delivery Center Data Science Practice Lead. The International Lead is also charged with building and maintaining a unified International Practice with a shared strategy and common delivery processes, assets and people development plans. Specifically, he or she will:

  • Lead the International Data Science team, define relevant benchmarks and use these to manage the financial and delivery performance of the Practice;

  • Provide thought leadership internally and externally and ensure that Think Big Analytics continues to be recognised as one of the leading providers of Data Science consulting services and to be one of the leading destinations for talent;

  • Work closely with Strategic Offer Management to develop field-led consulting offers and related collateral and accelerators and ensure that these are consistently deployed throughout the International organisation;

  • Mitigate delivery risk for Teradata’s Customers and optimize delivery margin for Teradata by ensuring that the International organization is able to consistently leverage best-in-class delivery methods based on new and existing Company and Practice Intellectual Property (IP) and the Velocity framework;

  • Drive alignment, collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the International Data Science Practice and ensure that the Data Science perspective and best-practices are projected into – and understood by - the other International Practice organisations;

  • Drive an innovation culture that promotes new thinking and that enables the continual development and improvement of Think Big Analytics Data Science consulting services and so play a leading role in the development of the company’s strategy for data science consulting services and in the development and dissemination of next-practices;

  • Manage, develop and coach Sub-Practice leaders and Area Practice leaders;

  • Lead the development and deployment of Practice-wide professional development plans that ensure that International Field practitioners are enabled and supported to do their best work and to develop their full potential;

  • Work with Teradata’s Engineering and Strategic Offer Management organisations to ensure that the perspective of practicing Think Big Analytics Data Scientists informs the development of the Teradata Analytic Platform.

Successful candidates to will therefore need to combinehands ondata science expertisewith excellentleadership, management, communication and people skills.

Closing date for applications is the 30 April 2018.