Teradata PS Consultant II in Lima, Peru

The Business Intelligence Consultant will participate in the design, development, and implementation of customer BI solutions utilizing 3rd party BI tools. The BI Consultant also works with clients to understand, analyze, and refine the application requirements and, where needed, provides guidance on selection of BI tools and methodologies. Once the design has been validated and endorsed by future users and IT, the BI Consultant will turn it into a working and optimized application. The BI consultant will unit test the application, and deliver the application for integration testing. The BI Consultant demonstrates a high degree of BI tool expertise and development skills. The BI Consultant will provide BI solutions on the Teradata RDBMS, Teradata Aster, or any other RDBMS. The BI consultant provides solutions in the cloud, on premises, and in mixed environments. The BI Consultant may be the Project Tech Lead on a project.Key Areas of Responsibility• Define BI application requirements.• Develop, implement, and validate the application design with associated BI tools.• Develop and unit test semantic layers, reports, and GUIs.• Participate in verification of the application.• Provide BI solutions that are located on premises, in the cloud, and in mixed environments.• Provide BI solutions on the Teradata RDBMS, Teradata Aster, or any other RDBMS.• Support the data warehouse design and integration efforts, including data sourcing and transformation, logical/physical/semantic modeling, and ETL development in support of the application.• All Consultants are expected to build value in themselves. Teradata’s extensive library of both instructor led and web based training provides ample opportunity for the consultant to build and maintain marketable skills. Time has been allocated specifically for this task and each consultant is expected to have a ‘Learning Plan’. Progress against the learning plan is part of the annual appraisal.• All Consultants are expected to build value in their practice through the contribution and reuse of consulting assets. At the conclusion of each assigned project, a consultant is expected to evaluate the project deliverables and to contribute those items that may be useful to other consultants that may be assigned similar projects. When a new project is assigned, the consultant will search the asset repository for assets that may improve or accelerate the project delivery.• In depth knowledge of Business Intelligence tools.• In depth knowledge of the Teradata Database, Aster Database, Hadoop data store, or related system for building the semantic layer and to optimize SQL created by BI tools.• Application integration skills.• Knowledge of Architecture Principles, Advocated Positions, Design Patterns, and Implementation Alternatives.• Understanding of the Teradata Reference Information Architecture• In depth knowledge of the software application development and testing methodology.• Work with the appropriate project management methodology (Agile or Waterfall) based upon customer and project requirementsTechnical Skill Category Skill MappingService Offers Primary SkillAster Data Primary SkillCloud Computing Primary SkillDatabases Secondary SkillHadoop KnowledgeIndustry Knowledge KnowledgeProject Mgmt: Data Warehousing Skills Primary SkillProject Tech Lead Primary SkillTeradata Active Data Warehousing Knowledge Primary SkillTeradata Applications Primary SkillTeradata Architecture Primary SkillTools – Advanced Analytics Primary SkillTools – Business Intelligence Primary SkillTools – Development Primary SkillTools – Modeling Primary SkillTools – Monitoring and Control Primary SkillTools – Operating Systems KnowledgeTools – Security KnowledgeTools – Teradata Primary SkillThe Business Intelligence Consultant may be a grade 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, or 14.A consultant’s Role Description &amp#CD# Technical Skills should be combined with their Staff Level Description including the Consulting Skills in order to have a clear view of current and developing skill levels. Role and Staff Level descriptions are available via the Consulting Services Gateway, under Development Resources.For more information on suggested courseware for a Business Intelligence Consultant review asset KM047847.This Business Intelligence Consultant role description is asset ID: KM045614.