Teradata Senior Data Warehouse Consultant in Lahore, Pakistan

Role DescriptionThe Sr. Consultant requires a blend of Technical and consulting skills including but not limited to knowledge about the administration and control of the data warehouse environment, including the database, operating systems , Customer Management, Data Modeling, Performance optimization, Process Optimization and Customer handling . The Sr. Consultant will provide services to administer, maintain, and control the data warehouse including the database, operating systems, and tools. The . Consultant will be required to manage team(s) and customer and will be responsible for both Technical handling and Customer Satisfaction. Consultant may lead a team of DWH/Open source consultants.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Administration, maintenance and control of database optimization, capacity, security, configuration, scheduling, errors, and execution of maintenance utilities.

  • Administration, maintenance, and control of the operating system, network, and tools.

  • Managing data and referential integrity of the database.

  • Mentor and interact with other team members and the client for the dissemination of information about the database and system administration.

  • Periodic backups of the database and operating system.

  • Plan for and support hardware/software installation and upgrades.

  • Coordinate and assist in the implementation of data replication and distribution.


  • In depth knowledge of operations management and control.

  • In depth knowledge of data warehousing.

  • In depth knowledge of Teradata tools.

  • In depth knowledge of security tools.

  • In depth knowledge of system management.

Technical Skill CategorySkill MappingDatabasesPrimary SkillOperations SkillsPrimary SkillTeradata Active Data Warehousing KnowledgePrimary SkillTools – Business IntelligenceKnowledgeTools – DevelopmentKnowledgeTools – Enterprise Application IntegrationKnowledgeTools – ETLSecondary SkillTools – Job Control and SchedulingPrimary SkillTools – Monitoring and ControlSecondary SkillTools – Operating Systems/NetworkingPrimary SkillTools – SecurityPrimary SkillTools – System ManagementPrimary SkillTools – TeradataPrimary SkillTools – TASMPrimary SkillTools – ViewpointPrimary Skill