Teradata ETL Lead in Islamabad, Pakistan

Role Description

The ETL Consultant specializes in the design and development of the ETL environment, processes, programs, and scripts to acquire data from source systems and apply the data to the tables in the database. This individual must have the skills necessary to understand the overall data warehouse architecture. The ETL Consultant designs and builds the ETL environment with the specific toolset required by the client. The ETL Consultant may also provide input to the database designer to optimize the data loading of the physical database. The ETL Consultant may be the Lead Consultant on a project.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Capture ETL Requirements.

Design, develop, and test processes for extracting data from legacy systems or production databases.

Design, develop, and test processes for validating and conditioning data prior to loading into a data warehouse.

Design, develop, and test processes for loading initial and cyclical data into a data warehouse.

Design the processes to meet service level agreements for data timeliness and frequency.

Determine which data elements are historic and the retention period for historic data.Determine data growth trends and peak business periods.


In depth knowledge of the Teradata Database.In depth knowledge of ETL tools.

Skill CategorySkill MappingDatabasesSecondary SkillOperations SkillsKnowledgeSoftware Development SkillsPrimary SkillTeradata Active Data Warehousing KnowledgePrimary SkillTools – DevelopmentPrimary SkillTools – Enterprise Application IntegrationSecondary SkillTools – ERP SoftwareSecondary SkillTools – ETLPrimary SkillTools – Job Control and SchedulingSecondary SkillTools – ModelingKnowledgeTools – Operating Systems/NetworkingKnowledgeTools – SecurityKnowledgeTools – TeradataPrimary Skill