Teradata Junior Applications Consultant in Cairo, Egypt

Role Description

The Application Consultant brings specific technical knowledge about the application and applies it to the implementation for a specific customer. The Application Consultants will participate in the design, development, and implementation of an application. The application may be an existing Teradata application such as Teradata Relationship Manager, a Teradata custom developed application such as a web dashboard, or an ISV application. The Application Consultant role provides leadership in utilizing a defined application methodology to integrate the application into the customer environment. The Application Consultants also provide application proof of concepts and benchmarking services to prove the viability of new technology solutions to our clients. The Application Consultant may be the Lead Consultant on a project.

Key Areas of Responsibility• Install, configure, and integrate applications.• Be able to demonstrate to the customer a high degree of expertise in the application.• Mentor and interact with other team members and the client for the dissemination of information about the application.• Support the data warehouse design and integration efforts, including data sourcing, transformation, loading, logical/physical modeling, business intelligence, application development, and testing/production rollout.• Participate in verification of the application.


• In depth knowledge of the architecture of the application.• In depth knowledge of the integration of the application.• In depth knowledge of the application implementation methodology.• Application integration skills.

Skill Category Skill MappingTeradata Active Data Warehousing Knowledge Secondary SkillTeradata Applications Primary SkillTools – Operating Systems/Networking KnowledgeTools – Teradata Knowledge